11 Irresistible Decorations to Spice Up Your Hanukkah at Home

Whether you're throwing a party or just decorating for yourself, give your home an extra boost of Hanukkah beauty.

Sure, the menorah in the window is the best Hanukkah decoration of all, but who’s to say a little extra decor won’t add extra warmth to the Festival of Lights?

Here are 13 items to decorate your home for Hanukkah:

1. Latke platter with dipping bowl for your favorite topping

Are you an applesauce or sour cream person?


2. Mini Hanukkah Lantern String

No such things as too many lights for the Festival of Lights!


3. Adorable Hanukkah Dish Towels

Frying latkes is messy business.

4. Swirly Hanukkah Hanging Decoration

This one makes a statement.



5. Hanukkah Photo Booth Props

Great fun for a Hanukkah party — your guests will actually want to be in the pictures.


6. Festive Wall Banner

We love a classic.


7. Burlap Wall Banner

We also love this updated, modern look.


8. Electric Menorah

Hanukkah candles burn down quickly. This stays lit all night — and comes in several colors.



9. Paper Lanterns

These are really beautiful.


10. Crazy Dreidel Headband

It’s not wrong to decorate yourself for the holiday, too!

11. Hanukkah Balloons

These are so much fun!


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