18 Items to Make This Passover Different From All Others

From seder plates and Passover treats to jumping frogs and Haggadahs, step up your seder game this year.

The Jews of Russia

The territories of the former Russian Empire were the cradle of Jewish modernity, the birthplace of Zionism and Jewish socialism, and a major center of the Hasidic movement.

12 Remarkable Jewish Women

These remarkable Jewish women have shown extraordinary leaders, offered comfort and hope, and injected creativity into the Jewish world.


Holocaust links

War and Remembrance

The Torah commands us to remember the evil of Amalek — but also to forget.

“Remembering” The Holocaust

Holocaust history, memory and art.

Holocaust Scroll

The Conservative movement's creation of this scroll is the latest attempt in contemporary Judaism to create a liturgy for Yom Hashoah.

Teaching the Holocaust

This history lesson stirs controversy in many educational settings.

Teaching the Holocaust

A look at some disagreements in how the Holocaust should be taught, including the emphasis on victimhood, the importance of ...

A Timeline of the Holocaust

From Hitler's rise to power to the Nuremberg trials, key events of the Shoah.