Parashat Vayigash

Parashat Vayigash: Forgiveness Over Blame

Joseph shows us how to exit the emotional labyrinth of grief by embracing forgiveness over blame.

Come Together

Just as Judah approached Joseph, Jews of all stripes must show we can be one united people.

When Dreams Come True

As Joseph discovers, reality is more complicated than we anticipate.

Lying Does Not Pay

We must remember to keep the long term ramifications of a lie in mind.

Speak Softly

By speaking softly at home we can teach children that shouting is not the most effective way.

Not Embarrassing Others

Vayigash: A resource for families.

Transformative Testimony

We must insist on hearing the voices of survivors of contemporary global violence.

Haftarah for Vayigash

Ezekiel promises: The divided kingdoms of Judah and Israel will one day be united.

Joseph’s Foresight and Restraint

A Torah teaching for the Western environmentalist.