Parashat Terumah

Parashat Terumah: Hidden Gifts

In building a sanctuary in the wilderness, God calls on the Israelites to contribute the gifts they don’t even know they have.

In Forgiveness, Making Space for the Divine

To forgive is to hold on to the future more tightly than the past.

Sharing: The New Give & Take

Shared responsibility enables everyone in the community to depend on each other.

Sacred Giving

The Israelites responded favorably to the call for donations because they knew they were creating a place for God to dwell among them.

There’s No Place Like Home

Terumah: A resource for families.

Establishing a System

Parashat Terumah lays out a list of regulations for spiritual development.

Challah for Parashat Terumah

Lehem Panim--Show Bread.

Making Free Will Offerings

Along with tzedakah, terumah is a vital way of sustaining our Jewish communities.

The Mishkan as Signifier

Linking representation and action.

Haftarah for Terumah

How to build a Temple: Follow the instruction book.