Parashat Sh'lach

Parashat Sh’lach: Dreams and Disappointments

What is this generation of Israelites to do in the face of a collective terminal diagnosis?

The Perils of Groupthink

The story of the spies offers an object lesson in the importance of diversity -- and the danger of homogeneity.

Establishing Equality with the Stranger

Creating a just society requires courage and vision.

Known Unknowns

Fearful of what lies ahead, the Israelites wonder if they’d be better off returning to Egypt.

The Courage to Think Differently

It can be difficult when we find ourselves with a different point of view from that of the larger group.

Keeping Things in Perspective

Mishaps can happen, but we are responsible for our reactions.

Self-Confidence Makes Courage Possible

Sh'lach: A resource for families.

The Sin of the Spies

What exactly did the spies do wrong?

Rerouting Goals

Learning to overcome setbacks, just like the Israelites.