Parashat Re'eh

Parashat Re’eh: Returning to Routine

Twice in the final verses of Parashat Re’eh, we are commanded to rejoice. And in both cases, the “we’” is ...

Telling and Retelling

Why does Moses repeat the history of Israelite people on the eve of crossing into the promised land?

You Shall Be Joyful

The Torah seems to command us to be happy, but are our feelings within our control?

Giving to the Needy

Re'eh: A resource for families.

The Purpose of Kashrut

Kashrut reminds us again and again that Jewish spirituality is inseparable from the physical.

Haftarah for Re’eh

God promises to rebuild and restore Zion.

Seeds of Peace

How Parashat Re'eh illuminates the necessity of peace for growth of a nation.

Parashat Re’eh Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.