Parashat Pekudei

Why is Moses Kept Out of the Tabernacle?

How the deepest intimacy can be both binding and freeing.

A Sacred Moment in Time

What does it look like to think of one day as helping us to balance our lives?

Does Our Behavior Match Our Priorities?

Pekudei: A resource for families.

Avoiding Deification in Creating the Mishkan

If the Golden Calf was an abomination, why is the Tabernacle okay?

Parashat Pekudei Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Haftarah for Pekudei

The Temple construction is completed.

Team Effort

Building global community, like the construction of the mishkan, requires everyone to participate.

God Is In The Details

The Torah teaches us to think globally and act locally.

Good Governance

Moses exemplifies a lesson in business ethics.