Parashat Miketz

Parashat Miketz: Reframing Loss

We can choose how we respond to situations over which we have no control.

Descending and Ascending

Joseph's fall and rise teaches us that the last chapter of our story remains to be written.

Moving Beyond Denial

Joseph's brothers are blinded by denial.


We must give our children opportunities to view themselves as successes.

Growing Through Forgiveness

Miketz: A resource for families.

Healing and Transformation

Parashat Miketz teaches us about teshuvah and forgiveness.

Connecting With Others

Prayers can help repair the world.

Haftarah for Miketz

Wisdom and how to wield it.

Joseph’s Response to Hunger

To prevent world hunger, we must dream big dreams and take wise action.

Parashat Miketz Quiz

Test your knowledge of this Torah portion.