Parashat Achrei Mot

Parashat Achrei Mot: Space to Grieve

Aaron's silence after the death of his sons confirms what we know: Death should not be explained away.

Do Not Open This Napkin

Holiness and secrecy are intricately enmeshed in the Torah.

Food Choices

This week's text connects food to the idea of holiness, which leads us to ask: What is holy about food?


Achrei Mot: A resource for families.

Reconciling Biblical Morality with Our Own

Assumptions in Leviticus 18 are in some cases abhorrent to contemporary sensibilities.

Haftarah for Achrei Mot

Jerusalem is a bloody mess.

Parashat Achrei Mot Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Raising Up the Physical

How to develop a healthy relationship with the material world.

The Law of the Farm

This portion teaches us that there are no easy fixes to the complex problems that face our social systems.

The Living Have Work to Do

Seeking meaning in the sudden deaths of Aaron's sons.