Best of the Week

A very important update from last week. I mentioned in last Friday’s Best of the Week that I needed a haircut. Various reports have confirmed that I indeed did get a haircut on Lag Ba’Omer. I just ask that the paparazzi give me my space at this time.

You see a lot of pastries featuring rhubarb. Pies, cobblers, strudels, you name it. But rarely do you see people just eating rhubarb. I don’t think the fruit vendor down the street even has rhubarb. And if he did, he would probably laugh at me for even hinting at eating rhubarb on its own. Well anyways, here’s a recipe for rhubarb rugelach.

Is it just me or do Golems remind you of Furbies?

Shavuot is always the forgotten little brother of Sukkot and Passover. But all three are given great importance in the Bible, being designated as pilgrimage festivals.

Another recipe! This time, it’s cheese lokshen kugel.

I’m always stressed out by etiquette rules at other people’s homes. DO I TAKE OFF MY SHOES OR NOT?!!?!?!??!?!!? While Judaism doesn’t specifically answer that question, it does have some things to say about etiquette whether you are a guest or you are hosting guests.

Is that it? Sure! Have a good weekend!

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