JDate and a Holocaust Movie

Jdate is sponsoring a new program that’s something like a Jewish Film of the Month club. You can get a Jewish film sent to you on DVD or via streaming once every other month. Now, on the surface I can see how this seemed like a natural partnership. Jewish dating, Jewish movies, of course they go to together. Except that the second movie they plan to send out is:

Protektor,” a Czech film about a journalist who tries to safeguard his Jewish wife by working for a radio station that broadcasts Nazi propaganda.

Forgive me, but I just don’t think of Holocaust movies as being particularly conducive to dating. There’s the infamous Seinfeld episode where he makes out during Schindler’s List, and I’ve heard Kate Winslet is really hot in The Reader, but still, nothing gets me not turned on like Nazis.

As far as I know you can’t buy this club at the same time as you buy a Jdate membership, but I just want to remind everyone involved that it doesn’t bode well for relationships or dates to begin with SS guards. Word to the wise.

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