Best of the Week

Straight from the depths of the dark mind of Jeremy Moses, I present you with the best articles of the week. SCARY.

This week was Yom Ha’atzmaut! It’s kind of like the 4th of July except the British don’t think of it as a national day of mourning.

Speaking of which, here is everything you need to know about the birth of Israel.

If you’re planning a trip to Israel this summer (I’m looking at you Jewish teenagers/my parents), here is a guide to the best food markets (shuks) in the country. NOTE: My parents are not Jewish teenagers.

The Amidah is an amazing prayer that can elevate your spirituality. And even if you don’t feel spiritual at the time, shuckeling can be a fun activity for 3-4 minutes. The key is to close your eyes super tight like you’re trying to break the socket. Then people will think you are holy.

Here is a recipe for Israeli Salad–otherwise known as cucumbers and tomatoes!

I think that’s it! They are pulling me off the stage! Shabbat Shalom.

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