Synagogues & Rabbis

Pulpit Rabbi Marci N. Bellows talks about allowing her congregation to friend her on Facebook, finding “something close to “I-Thou” moments” in the process. (Jewish Week)

The new Reform head says that most temples rely on a “please walk in, please walk in” approach, which no longer works, and that synagogues need to serve even those Jews who are not members. (Ha’aretz)

A synagogue is used as a setting for filming a book trailer for the newly-released novel, “The Unforgotten Prayer,” about a former Nazi SS officer who goes into hiding in the United States and is befriended by a young Jewish family. (Murrieta Patch)

More rabbis in the later stages of their careers are finding themselves out of work, and that’s not the only evidence that “We’re seeing the end of the rabbinate as we know it.” (Jewish Week)

It is argued that the procedures used by Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative movements for placing rabbis in congregations are violations of federal antitrust law, in addition to being foolish. (TabletMag)

Newsweek‘s “50 Most Influential Rabbis in America” shows a big jump in women– to 13. (Daily Beast)

The ordination of Kaya Stern-Kaufman as “rabba” raises the question of whether creating a gender for the word ‘rabbi’ is legitimate. (Jewish Week)

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