The Matzah House

Last year, I attempted to break (set) the record for the fastest time to eat a piece of matzah. I almost died, but nevertheless, I’m still a world record holder. As the saying goes, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the game. (video below)

I thought I was pretty hardcore with my matzah games. But I have been beaten. No, not in the matzah eating department. That record is still mine. I’ve been beaten in the originality department.

Up in Montreal, where Passover is also observed, artist Melissa Schiff is displaying a homemade matzah house. Unimpressed? Well, this isn’t just some kosher of Passover version of a ginger bread house or a deck of cards.

No no no. This is a real house. Like a life size house. Just look at this picture! Okay fine. Not a life-size house, but it’s still pretty darn big! Schiff has used over 5000 pieces of matzah to make her little (big) creation.

Originally made in New York City in 2005, the exhibit, called the Medium is the Matzo, has remains intact, and not eaten (thankfully).

So you tell me, what’s more impressive? Her amazing matzah house or my slow (yet still a record!) time for eating one piece of matzah?

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