The World of Jewish Music

A look at Jish, a mixed Jewish-Arab group of songsters. (Ha’aretz)

An extensive profile of Subliminal, Israel’s biggest hip-hop star. (Tablet)

Why are so many jazz musicians from Israel these days? (National Public Radio)

Patrick Jarenwattananon talks about the path some Israeli musicians have taken to Jazz in “Standout Jazz, Straight Outta Tel Aviv.” (National Public Radio)

Adrienne Cooper’s new album, “Enchanted: A New Generation of Yiddishsong” “consists entirely of material that is either brand new or significantly re-imagined Yiddish songs.” (Jewish Week)

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International Jewish Music

Jews have wandered the world over, and sometimes all that wandering gets packed into one song.

Jewish Music 101

Music has been a part of Jewish life since biblical times, and remains integral to the Jewish religious and cultural experiences.

American Jewish Music

The contribution of Jews to the production of "mainstream" music in America is of great significance.