The Loyalty Oath

Yossi Verter looks at how the oath issue came about–and argues it is bad for both Israel and the Jews. (Ha’aretz)

Some Likud members, most notably Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Intelligence Services Dan Meridor, are opposed to the oath. (YNet News)

Chaim Gans says this oath means Arabs must “agree that their inferior existence is not only a de facto reality they are forced to accept, but a matter of principle as well.” (Ha’aretz)

Ze’ev Segal attacks the wording of the Neeman-Lieberman loyalty oath because “it would be perceived as open or tacit discrimination against non-Jews.” (Ha’aretz)

Defense Minister Barak accepts that wording, but wants to tack on “in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence”–but his party is opposed to the oath. (Ha’aretz)

Shlomo Avineri says for those seeking citizenship, “a general pledge of allegiance to the laws of the state of Israel” is not enough, but “a declaration about accepting the legitimacy of the state of Israel” is legitimate and should suffice. (Ha’aretz)

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