A Fashionless Rosh Hashanah

I’m pretty sure that “fashionless” is not a real word. Even Microsoft Word is telling me so.

On to the news of the day. New York Fashion Week is a big deal, or so I’m told. It’s the place to be in the city and there are tons of shows from the biggest designers to the up and comers, or so I’m told.

But this year is a teensy bit more complicated. Because this year, New York Fashion Week partially coincides with Rosh Hashanah.

I can’t say I particularly care about this issue but it does remind me of the New York Jets last year moving up there home opener so it wouldn’t coincide with Kol Nidrei. But this story has a sadder ending (relative to the story). Because of the tight schedule models and designers have, with fashion shows all over the world, little can be done to switch the shows out as to not conflict with synagogue.

And it doesn’t end there. Ten days later, London Fashion Week is going to coincide with Yom Kippur. Honestly, if you’re Jewish and fashion conscious, just give up now. You’re not going to be in “the know” until the winter.

On the bright side, New York Fashion Week was a little accommodating. They agreed to let Israeli fashion designer Yigal Azrouel change his show. But still! How will we ever know what Dolce & Gabbana (that’s a fashion company, right?) thinks is cool?? HOW?

Just as a warning, there are some scantily clad people in this video. Also, no spoilers, but it’s the most boring 2:06 of my entire life.

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