We’re Going Back to Geocities!

One of my favorite blogs out there is Best Week Ever, from the people who brought you that trendy VH1 show. You can waste your time on Perez Hilton all you want. Any amazing internet item you will ever need is on Best Week Ever.

Take for example this amazing website they found which converts any website you want into a 1996 style Geocities website. So while MyJewishLearning is very proud of it’s design, I thought it would be fun if we checked out what the site would have looked like if we had launched seven years earlier (That’s right. MyJewishLearning.com was founded in 2003).

What would you think if this was MJL’s design?

But of course I couldn’t stop there. What if the entire Jewish internet world was stuck in 1996? Would online Judaism exist?

Would you read JTA as often as you do?

How about the Jerusalem Post?

I don’t think cool blogs like Jewlicious and Jewschool would survive either.

Thankfully, technology has evolved. And Geocities is only available in Japan (I wish I could make that up).

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