The Anat Kam Affair

The gag order barring the Israeli media from reporting on the Anat Kam case comes under increased criticism. (Ha’aretz)

Then, the order having been lifted, Anat Kam is formally accused of “Serious Espionage (divulging secret information with the intent to harm the security of the state)” for handing documents to Ha’aretz. (Ha’aretz)

Her lawyers stoutly defend her, even as the state says it’s “a very serious matter in terms of the potential security damages it could save caused.” (Ha’aretz)

Haaretz Editor-in-Chief Dov Alfon defends the paper’s “publication of a series of exposes regarding the Israel Defense Forces’ lax rules of engagement,” said they had permission for the IDF censor to publish, and that the Shin Bet reneged on its agreement with the paper. (Ha’aretz)

A sampling of response, mostly from the right. (Israel National News)

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