The Best Seder Ever!

Our Best Seder Ever contest turned out an array of entries that none of us anticipated. First of all: How did you people manage to write such great stories in a week and a half!?

best seder everAnd, second: We have some of the best, funniest, warm-hearted, and most selfless readers in the whole Internet. Whether it was taking care of your friend who had one or two more than the four cups of wine you’re supposed to drink, or helping the poor or needy, or tracking down a kosher-for-Passover birthday cake in a strange city, there was so much goodness in these stories that it was pretty easy to forget that it was a contest…and pretty easy to remember that this is the festival of our freedom.

Here’s the winning story, which comes to us from Rori Picker Neiss and Russel Neiss. It exemplifies the opening declaration of the Passover seder, “Ha Lachma Anya,” or “May all who are hungry come and eat” — but it’s also a great story. All week, we’ll be posting more of your entries. Please come back and check them all out…and have a great holiday.

One Passover we hosted a seder for our family and some friends. One friend asked if she could bring another friend and we agreed. “What’s the difference between thirteen people and fourteen people?” I thought. Just before the start of the holiday, I had a text from said friend saying that her friend was unable to join us. I wasn’t concerned. “What’s the difference between thirteen people and fourteen people?” I thought. We didn’t even bother to remove the extra place setting.

My friend was late arriving and so we decided to start without her. We had just poured the wine when she walked in with another person behind her. It seemed she had decided to bring along another friend. We adjusted seating accordingly and sat them down, saying we would do introductions later since everyone was antsy to get started.

The seder commenced. Our newest guest, was pleasant, though quite awkward. After the seder ended and he left, I went over to my friend and asked, diplomatically, “What’s the deal with your friend?” She look at me, confused, and said, “What friend?”

He had been standing by the door when she arrived. None of us knew who he was.

Rori and Russel have asked that their prize be donated to a charity, which is pretty awesome of them. We’ll still send them a package of good stuff, just because they’re such good souls.

And come back later today, and for the rest of the week, to read more of the Best.

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