Purim 2010: A Costume Roundup

This year was definitely my best Purim ever. I had two different costumes, I heard megillah at night and during the day, I made eco-friendly mishloach manot, my hamentaschen were a success, I gave some money to the New York City Coalition Against Hunger and my seudah was big and raucous and lots of fun (minor points deducted because someone from the seudah broke the handle to my toilet).purim_costume.jpg

One of the high points of Purim is always noting all of the great costumes. Here on MJL we had an article on making your own cheap costume, but I saw many more that were excellent and impressive. Here are some highlights:
Lady Gaga
Someone was Cookie Monster and their girlfriend was a cookie
A group at Columbia Hillel went as The Artscroll, the Sim Shalom, The Mishkan Tefilah and the Kol HaNeshama. Periodically they dropped to the ground and demanded to be kissed
A girl was a “Cereal Dater.” She had cereal boxes all over her, and a calendar with boys names on every day of the week.
I saw three different people dressed as the broken eruv (many eruvim in New York were down this past weekend because of snow)
I saw a few people dressed as members of the Nav’i from Avatar
I saw three women who were characters from Mad Men
A guy I know was Super Grover
I saw some Jewish Superheroes, and a man dressed as Clark Kent (a superman shirt under a “reporter” outfit)
A couples costume: An Israeli checkpoint. He was an Israeli soldier and she was a Palestinian woman, but could easily use her headcovering to change into a settler, or just a person who shops at Urban Outfitters
I was Balloon Boy
There was a Jesus
A ninja
A private eye
A Tigger
A Pakistani terrorist
Torah Bright, the Olympic snowboarder
Olympic speedskaters
A Twister board

What creative costumes did you see?

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