Israel Advocacy Roundup

Michael Freund suggests a Birthright-type program to bring “clergymen and jurists, prominent doctors, lawyers and scientists, and even sports stars and athletes” to see what Israel is really like. (Israel Insider)

A look at Gesher Chai, a joint curriculum that links students in American classrooms to those in Israel. (Washington Jewish Week)

J Street, on the heels of a successful merger with Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, is setting up regional chapters in several dozen areas of the United States. (New Jersey Jewish News)

Are Israel’s diplomats even properly prepared to advocate for Israel’s interests? (Ha’aretz)

A report by Israel’s State Comptroller points to major failure of hasbara in terms of Arab-language outreach, e.g. during Second Lebanon War. (YNet News)

Reuven Pedatzur points to Israel’s greatest PR failure, that Mohammed al-Dura remains a symbol of Israel’s brutality despite proof that footage of his death was meddled with. (Ha’aretz)

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