Israeli Politics Roundup

In an extensive interview, Shaul Mofaz attacks Tzipi Livni for lack of leadership in Kadima, and with her “inability to make decisions and…inability to communicate with people,” and talks how Kadima is undemocratic, about his own background, and what changes will occur once he is Prime Minister of Israel. (Ha’aretz)

Noam Sheizaf looks at the “political divide between Israel’s Arab public and the Jewish left” in Israel. (Forward)

Moshe Arens bemoans the “cannibalistic” nature of Israel’s political culture, starting with the formation of Kadima. (Ha’aretz)

Israel’s prospects for creating a constitution for itself are remote, so Shahar Ilan suggests the outline of a basic law to protect Democracy itself, since “In fact, democracy can be abolished by a majority vote. In the Israel Democracy Institute’s 2009 Democracy Index…42 percent are willing to turn Israel into a country with authoritarian foundations.” (Ha’aretz)

Liat Collins sees Kadima leader Tzipi Livni as having failed numerous political challenges so that her party is running out of options and “she has not only marginalized herself, she has further antagonized those who most threaten her leadership.” (Jerusalem Post)

And the Wall Street Journal runs an interview With Tzipi Livni. (Wall Street Journal)

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