Best of the Week

It’s the Best of the Week: Hanukkah Edition. It’s almost as good a name as Die Hard II: Die Harder. God, that’s a good title.

When it comes to new articles on MJL, I usually hope my parents will find the great material themselves. But this week, I had to forward our newly commissioned Hanukkah songs to them, because they were so good that I couldn’t live with the chance that they wouldn’t hear them. For the love of all good things, listen to the Stereo Sinai’s Mi Yimalel.

Sour cream has always kind of grossed me out. I’m starting to eat it with my new found love for Mexican food (Montreal has terrible Mexican food, so it’s never been on my radar) but overall, I find it weird. So this Hanukkah, when you eat your latkes, how about you try some different, more creative toppings.

Did you know that the Hanukkah story is a little more controversial than you thought? I’m not lying.

Finally, while not specifically Hanukkah related, the amazingly funny Ophira Eisenberg tells us a great story about Christmas time in Calgary. Let’s just say that Santa has a few secrets than he should share with everyone.

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