Christmas in Calgary

Everyone’s got their go-to party stories. The stories that, when all else fails (i.e. your looks), will impress the people you just met and make them think you are super crazy cool. I got my story. You wanna hear about the time I didn’t wear socks for 33 days? That doesn’t make me sound awesome? Well you just haven’t heard the story yet.

But that’s for another time.

After telling this story time and time again, I started to wonder if I had a Jewish go-to party story. And beyond that, do other people have Jewish stories they love to tell? And if they do, would they want to share them with the world? The answers are yes and yes.

Ophira Eisenberg is a very talented comedian and writer living in New York City. She’s appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, CTV’s Comedy Now, and VH1’s Best Week Ever. This past May, New York Magazine included her on their list Ten Comedians Who Funny People Find Funny.

She also grew up in Calgary, Alberta where she admits that December was a bit of a tough month for her. No, it wasn’t just the cold. It was Santa.

Check out Ophira’s story, the first in our new MyJewishLearning series, Christmas in Calgary, directed by Jason Hutt.

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