Harvest To Harvest

Just wanted to pass along a cool program that Birthright Next is having this fall. Harvest to Harvest is a new program that encourages people to start volunteering. While many people are interested in volunteer work, people have trouble figuring out where and how to do it.

Birthright Israel Harvest to Harvest

Harvest to Harvest, running between Sukkot and American Thanksgiving, does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is go to this website and enter your zip code, or country you live in if outside of the US. Their system generates a list of volunteer opportunities in your area that you can be matched up with. Then, if you create an account, the website will track your hours, etc. Their goal is sign up 2,009 volunteers.

Every week, Birthright Next’s blog, Alef: The NEXT Generation, will be publishing stories by new volunteers about their experiences, along with other stories about giving back during Sukkot and the harvest season (some of which have already been published).

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