Israel & the Arts

A talk with Hanoch Rosenne, Israel’s most famous pantomime artist (Ha’aretz)

A look at the considerable success of the The Mayumana company, which “combines movement, live music, drumming, humor and tons of rhythm,” is presently up to 4 teams and avoids using terms like “troupe”  or “dancers”, and is affiliated with other projects as well. (Ha’aretz)

Shmuel Beru has become the first Ethiopian Jew to create an Israeli film, “Zrubavel,” which describes his own community from an insider’s perspective. (Jewish Journal)

Israel’s Film Board can censor or ban films. Should that be done away with? (JPost)

Israel has three architecture prizes, but Esther Zandberg says these “exist inside the same bubble, disconnected from social and environmental commitment, from political involvement, from taking a critical stand.” (Ha’aretz)

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