Israeli Reactions to Netanyahu’s Speech

The full text of Netanyahu’s foreign policy speech at Bar Ilan can be found here. (Ha’aretz)


“Netanyahu had the worst of all worlds.” (Jerusalem Post)

The speech “was void of that ‘wow’ moment that the pre-speech buildup had created.” (Jerusalem Post)

“Although this was a small step, it was a large one for Netanyahu.” (Ha’aretz)

It “resonated with that Israeli middle ground…probably achieved much of what Netanyahu hoped it would.” (Ha’aretz)

“Netanyahu passed the classic Israeli leadership test.” (Ynetnews)

“When you intend to just barely discharge your obligations, you do not fulfill your obligation as a leader.” (Ha’aretz)

“He placed the spotlight squarely on one irreplaceable phrase: a demilitarized Palestinian state next to a Jewish State of Israel.” (Ha’aretz)

“An inadequate, internally contradictory, and disappointing message….a leap backward.” (Tablet)

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