Your Search For “Bacon” Has Produced “0” Results

Have you tried out Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing? I’ve used it a couple of times. It seems pretty good, nothing special though. The only reason I can think to use it is in a feeble attempt to slow down Google’s eventual world takeover (How sad is it that I’m using Microsoft to be counter-culture. What have we become? Also, where’s AltaVista when you need it?).

The problem that I have with Google, Bing and Yahoo! is different from others though. My biggest issue is the amount of results that come back. The sheer quantity can make things overwhelming. Also, it gives people a sense that everything in the world comes easy. I want a search engine that makes my searches more difficult and less reliable. But, besides in North Korea, where can I find such a search engine?

Israel, of course. Introducing Koogle (kind of like kugel, but more like a mix of kosher and Google), the new Hebrew language search engine. Koogle is meant for Hebrew speaking Ultra-Orthodox Jews. The site features internal blockers to make sure nothing inappropriate comes up in your search (or that you don’t search anything inappropriate). For example, you can search for an Israeli clothing store, but no “inappropriate” items will come up for sale.

One other feature is that Koogle is down on Shabbat. If you try to search for something during the Day of Rest, Koogle will crash, and you will feel guilty for disobeying God.

And you’ll deserve it.

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