Family Matters

In the last few years, quite a few gay men in Israel have decided to become parents and raise children together.  As surrogacy is illegal in Israel, this must be done abroad, but costs can be high and complications common. (Ha’aretz)

After three nights in jail and a ban preventing him from leaving Israel, a man agrees to the Tel Aviv religious Court’s order to give his wife a religious get. The man is not an Israeli citizen! (Jerusalem Post)

A busload of same-sex Jewish couples from the St. Louis area travel to Iowa to marry. (St. Louis Jewish Light)

A man vanishes rather than give his wife a divorce, but the family is suspected of knowing where he is.  How much pressure is legitimate to put on the family? (Jerusalem Post)

Matchmaking prices are on a sharp rise in Israel, with working Haredim now charing $1,300 per match, and in the Modern Orthodox world, the rates can be even higher. (Ynetnews)

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