What to Read When Bored Watching Baseball

Baseball has something for everyone. For the casual fan, it is fun to go to the ballpark because it is relatively easy to determine who is winning and you really don’t have to watch most of the game. Leaving for two innings to walk around the park is totally permissible. Missing an entire quarter at a basketball game? You’re a bad fan.

But baseball is also perfect for the nerdy, stat loving type. There is so much strategy in any baseball game, with every pitch, swing, run, etc. thought about and analysed, that you have to be a real intellectual to fully appreciate every aspect of the game.

With that reasoning, I’m pretty sure blogs were invented for baseball. There is so much pointless, mindless information that you can research, research and research, that it is no surprise that there are some pretty absurd baseball blogs out there.

Case in point: Jews on First. Believe it or not, this blog is actually an official affiliate of Major League Baseball.

What does this blog discuss? Well, beyond the occasional homage to a past baseball great, the blog gives a daily report on how every Jewish player in the big leagues did the night before.

Absurd? Yes? Necessarily? Oh dear God no. Will I read it? Did God make the world in seven days (ie. undetermined)?

Denis Leary-Mel Gibson

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