Best of the Rest

If you haven’t noticed, MJL offers new material on its homepage every single day. Today for example, you can get a recipe for Jewish style artichokes. When I say Jewish style, I mean, let’s take a healthy vegetable and deep fry it. Artichoke heart? More like cholesterol hearts. By the way, cholesterol = yummy.

But our homepage can only handle so much! Otherwise, it would become saturated (different type of saturated than the artichokes) with content. You wouldn’t even know where to begin. Lucky for you, I was born. And I am willing to share my talents with the MyJewishLearning world.

One of those (many) talents is the ability to decipher good reading from bad reading. I searched high and low on the MJL site and found some great new material that didn’t make it to the homepage.

This week, we put up a ton, or 2000 pounds, of material from the American Jewish Historical Society, honoring American Jewish Heritage Month.

In “The Gangster and the Governor,” we learn about Louis “Lepke” Buchalter being chased down by Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. This of course was remade into a motion picture with Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, called Catch Me If You Can. Now, before you comment saying that is, in fact, false, I will say, “No. I did not see the movie.”

In “Modern Orthodoxy Builds a Cathedral,” we learn about a success story for Jews for Jesus.

I was just informed that I should start reading the articles I highlight because that piece is apparently about the 1887 construction of a synagogue in New York City.

Finally, we are also highlighting some of Josh Lambert’s (of possible relation to Adam) reviews of great Jewish books. Here you can read more about Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. For some reason, the article does not talk about the sequel to the book, Hey Margaret. It’s God’s Secretary. God is Kinda Busy Right Now, Running the Universe and All. Do You Want to Leave a Message?

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