Recent Commentary on Israel and Two Opinions on Gaza

What does the rise of Avigdor Lieberman mean for Russians in Israel, and for the non-Russians? (Slate)

If Hamas-Fatah Unity talks succeed, what kind of challenges–and opportunities–would this provide for Israel and the US? (Jewish Week)

Zvi Bar’el argues that the region is reshaping its alliance structure: “The convenient division between “moderate” and “extremist” Arab states is no longer useful.†For example “Syria, along with Iran, Iraq and Turkey, plans to set up a joint electricity grid… Friendly Qatar has become an ally of Syria†but Israel is turning its back on the whole thing. (Ha’aretz)

Yoel Marcus argues that the endless public saber-rattling over Iran accomplishes nothing whatsoever. (Ha’aretz)

From the left, Gideon Levy sums up (on Gaza): “Deterrence wasn’t reestablished, arms smuggling into Gaza was not stopped… Gilad Shalit was not freed. On these facts we all agree… Hamas is stronger, the hurt Palestinian people are even more hateful toward us, and Israel is viewed as a pariah in world public opinion.†And, it will be the first war in 36 years without a Commission of Inquiry formed in its wake. (Ha’aretz)

From the right, Martin Sherman noted that Hamas unequivocally conveyed “to the world that it remained defiantly undefeated.†That and the “calamitous diplomatic defeat that Israel sustained … are the result of a loss of faith in “Victory” – both as valid cognitive concept and as an attainable military objective.†(YNet)

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