Dumb and Dumbererer

I’ve been getting a lot of Facebook invitations to ask me to attend Pro-Israel rallies the past couple of weeks.

There has been a ton of them. I don’t have an exact number, but I believe there has been between 150-3500 rallies in NYC alone in the past 2 weeks.

I’m not really sure of my opinions on Israel rallies. I know that they aren’t for me but it does give people who want to vent their frustrations a good venue to do so. If you want to read some good pro-rally arguments, read this Jewlicious post from yesterday.

But I’m not writing about that. In the past two weeks, I’ve seen two videos, one from a pro-Palestinian rally and one from a pro-Israel rally, portraying the people there as racist, ignorant, etc. You can watch this video from Tom Trento, (of Obsession fame) catching a young woman screaming some pretty racist remarks. While pretty disgusting, I would not bet that the majority of people who are sympathetic to the Palestinian cause feel the same way.

But this is a message to Max Blumenthal, who went and interviewed attendees of the Israel rally in NYC on Sunday.

The answers you recieved were pretty funny, I’m not gonna lie. You made the people at the rally (at least the ones you chose not to edit out) look pretty dumb. You even managed to make fun of Israeli dancing at the rally, which I made fun of a couple of months ago.

But was it objective journalism? Clearly not. The people you interviewed are not experts in Middle Eastern politics. They are just angry people who want to get their voices heard. You could have gone to any Pro-Palestinian rally and gotten the same absurd answers that you received on Sunday. In fact, I challenge you to do so.

The video below (Blumenthal’s) reminds me a lot of Kids Says the Darndest Things. I recommend watching it for comedic purposes but beware that people take this stuff seriously (just like how people take Trento’s video seriously).

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