Note to Self: Do Not Name Child ‘Shanda’

There was a really cute baby in the MJL office today, and it got us talking about baby names and how they are so important. I’ve been writing about this a lot lately, and thinking about it even more, because it seems half the people I know are new parents or about to become new parents. I’ve heard of some pretty weird choices when it comes to baby names, but the creepiest baby name award definitely goes to the Campbell Family of Holland Township:adolf_hitler.JPG

JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell and Adolf Hitler Campbell.

Good names for a trio of toddlers? Heath and Deborah Campbell think so. The Holland Township couple has picked those names and the oldest child, Adolf Hitler Campbell, turns 3 today.

This has given rise to a problem, because the ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich Township has refused to make a cake for young Adolf’s birthday.

“We believe the request … to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolf Hitler is inappropriate,” said Karen Meleta, a ShopRite spokeswoman.

The Campbells turned down the market’s offer to make a cake with enough room for them to write their own inscription and can’t understand what all of the fuss is about.

Adolf Hitler Campbell will be getting a cake from Wal-Mart this year.

“ShopRite can’t even make a cake for a 3-year-old,” said Deborah Campbell, 25, who is Heath’s wife of three years and the mother of the children. “That’s sad.”

(Hat tip to Feministing)

Yes, Deborah, you’re so right. That ShopRite won’t make a cake is definitely the sad part of this story. Whoa.

The picture is of little Adolf…

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