This Just In: Israeli Kids Are Pushy And Angry

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International study: Israeli kids irritable
Recent World Health Organization report shows Israeli children exhibit more signs of stress, anger than kids worldwide
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A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed that Israeli children are more irritable and experience more anger than other children around the world.

The study also indicated that a higher percentage of Israeli school children suffer from headaches, stomach aches and back pain, as well as from an array of stress symptoms the likes of irritability and feelings of helplessness.

The WHO study was conducted among 207,703 students worldwide, and included 6,613 sixth, eighth and 10th graders in Israel.

Israel ranked No. 1 out of 41 in the list of countries whose 10 graders exhibit physical stress symptoms, with 36% of the boys and 53% of the girls reporting such symptoms.

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How much money was spent on this study? Because I could have told you this for free.

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