Jews and Proposition 8

Controversy time!

Have an opinion on California’s Proposition 8 banning gay marriage? You are not the only one. Check out the MyJewishLearning Discussion Board that is currently having a (somewhat) civil debate on how Jews should feel about legalized gay marriage.

While the ball has already started rolling, I can try to throw an opinion or two in there. The fact is that I don’t think the gay marriage debate has anything to do with religion. While marriage originated as a religious concept, it has evolved into having more than one definition.

Even if one opposes gay marriage in Judaism, it does not mean that you automatically have to oppose civil gay marriages. Clergymen and religious institutions should still feel that they have have the right to refuse a gay couple in performing their wedding but that is not the issue here.

There are clear benefits to be had by being a married couple. Denying that right to people because of their sexual orientation is wrong. It is not Judaism’s (or any religion for that matter) role to impose on society as a whole what the moral standard is.no_prop_8.jpg

How can American society, on the one hand, be tolerant and open to homosexuality, but when it comes to treating them equal, we shun them away?

Feel free to comment here. But I really recommend you go over to the discussion section. Our loyal commenters will be pleased.

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