Euthanasia in the News

There is a very sad story coming out of the Washington DC area this week. It involves, Motl Brody, a 12 year old boy who is suffering from brain cancer.

His hospital, the Children’s National Medical Center, has determined that Motl has zero brain activity and, according to their standards, is dead.

However, Motl’s family is refusing to take him off of life support because, according to their Orthodox views, since Motl still has a heart beat, he is still alive. While they accept that Motl is brain dead, they believe that taking him off life support is equivalent to killing him.

Now, the hospital is suing the Brody family arguing that they are wasting resources on a boy whom they believe to not be alive.

I just know that regardless of the end result of the trial, no one wins here.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this case and I can assume that many of you probably feel the same way.  But before making a decision, why don’t you read up on Euthanasia on our MJL sight. I recommend you start at our overview, and then work your way down to modern views on the subject.

I can only imagine the pain the Brody family is in right now and hope that they soon find some closure.

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