Rosenberg rehash

With the recent news about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg that one of them of them was innocent — and that, therefore, the first Americans to ever be executed for treason is at least 50% undeserved — MyJewishLearning’s own article on the Rosenbergs has been getting a recent surge in publicity.

According to at least one reader, however, there’s an interesting omission.

It seems to be quite incongruous and strange that in his well written and clearly non-inflammatory article, mr. shapiro never mentions that the convicting jury – this was in new york city, of all places in the united states – in 1951 – contained not a single, not one, jewish member. how is that? can you comment if possible?

While the facts are ostensibly true — that there were no Jews on the jury, and that the Rosenberg case was definitely a matter of concern and worry to the Jewish community in America at the time — there’s a lot about the case to digest, as is apparent from the recent revelations. The idea that, sixty-five years later, there’s still so much controversy and back-and-forthing about the trial and its repercussions indicates that, even this far in the future, there are still an awful lot of factual questions that haven’t been resolved…and might never be.

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