Coming to Israel

The Jewish Agency releases a new plan for attracting 1,000 American high-tech professionals to Israel by 2010, but “Just 30 minutes after its unveiling … immigration absorption officials and high-tech bosses criticized the blueprint as unviable and misguided.�

The Kibbutzim in Israel want you to come, but for leisure, not labor – including “holistic workshops …cranial sacral massage, tai chi, shiatsu, watsu (water massage) and yoga� and “pure touristic hedonism.�

The annual survey conducted by Skytrax finds Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport ranked the best airport for the Middle East.

Yoav Orgad observes, “Israel is the only democracy that still does not have an orderly immigration policy. Such a policy is an urgent necessity. Within the framework of such a policy it is not unacceptable to demand of an immigrant, even a Jewish immigrant, that he recognize and accept certain cultural and national norms.�

The rise of the Shekel against the dollar may force a cutback in Birthright Israel trips.

It is only on a visit to Israel that Joel Kocen is able to integrate fully being American, Jewish and loving Israel as one continuum.

Arriving on the same day, making aliyah, are groups from Britain and Ethiopia. Their treatment, though, is very different.

A look at how David S. Wyman author of the Holocaust study “The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945â€? used his reputation in that area to help get Ethiopians Jews trapped at a refugee camp in Sudan, into Israel.

Israel has apparently decided to allow the remaining 7,232 members of the Bnei Menashe Jewish community in India to immigrate to Israel, at a rate of some 300 per month.

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Coming to Israel

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