On Language

Expressions of love change over time, from “Dodi li va’ani lo,” to “Ani ohev otach!” to “zeh haromantika” to “bar/bat zugâ€? to “tefillin date.” (The Jerusalem Post)

-The Israel Translators Association alleges that Israel is negligent in ensuring a fair legal process for people who do not speak Hebrew. (Haaretz)

-When “holy sh**” or a variation on this appears in an English-language movie, the word “Elohim” (Hebrew for God) appears as the translation for “holyâ€? in the Hebrew subtitles on cable TV. This does not sit well with some. (The Jerusalem Post)

-Israeli singer Yasmin Levy talks about singing only in Ladino. (The Australian Jewish News)

-A look at the increasing numbers of non-Jews who are studying Yiddish — and why that’s a good thing. (Forward)

-Is a new language, “Heb-Russ� (a creole), starting to arise in Israel? (Haaretz)

-A look at the new repertory theater “New Yiddish Rep,� presently doing revival works. (Forward)

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