Sukkot in the News

-Doing Sukkot in Kauai. (Kauai Garden Island News)

-A look at the work of The Sukkah Project, which sends pre-fab sukkas all over the world — even to Iraq. (The Jewish Week)

-Marjorie Ingall pitches Sukkot as an ideal holiday for kids: “You string popcorn and cranberries, feeling self-important in your “Top Design� decorator role. You revel in the wild, mysterious jungle vibe of the woodsy branch-strewn, star-revealing roof. Your artwork is given pride of place on the walls. You get to eat outside, in your poncho or new fall jacket. There’s something out of bounds and transgressive-feeling about this holiday.� (The Forward)

-Rob Eshman, explains: “I do know a little about the spiritual and communal power of Burning Man. Because I have Sukkot.� (Jewish Journal)

-An official committee appointed by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has banned Jews from participating in Israel’s annual Sukkot parade. (Ynet)

-This sukkah will be much, much sweeter than yours. (Haaretz)

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