American Jews, Marketing, & Yom Kippur

-Ira Forman argues that Walt and Mearsheimer in their new book “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy� demonstrate that they
do not “understand the role of American Jews in domestic politics.â€? He concludes: “as an ideological polemic it … has some merit–particularly for the straightforward way that it makes its debating points. But as a serious academic work that effectively shines the light on the domestic politics of the friends of Israel, it deserves a big fat “F.â€?â€? (THe Jewish Week)

-A new book attempts an encyclopedic look at Secular Judaism. (Haaretz)

-An old hand at the classic combo of kvetching and marketing makes his complaint and his pitch. (Jewish Journal)

-“Jewels of Elul III� is collection of very brief essays, meditations, poems on the theme of hope and healing, and would work well
as supplemental Yom Kippur reading. The 29 contributors include Deborah E. Lipstadt, Rabbi Harold Kushner, Tovah Feldshuh,
Matisyahu, Dr. Jerome Groopman, Anita Diamant, Naomi Ragen and Rabbi David Wolpe. The whole thing (plus the previous two versions)
is available at:

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