Literature and the Arts

-Appreciations of the recently deceased writer Grace Paley:

-The first Festival of Ideas in Los Angeles, “Acting Jewish: Film, TV, Comedy, Music� has generated an audio/Video archive of 8 presentations. Included are “Bits that Kill: the Rise and Fall of Jewish Comedy� (Adam Gopnik), and “Jewish Actors, Jewish Characters� (Meital Dohan, Adam Goldberg, and Laura Silverman in conversation with Sara Ivry). (Nextbook)

-50 years ago, the book Remember Me to God “was hailed on publication as one of the finest novels ever written about American Jews and remained on The New York Times bestseller list for an entire year, almost no one remembers it today� – or its author. (Nextbook)

-Is it correct to speak of “modern Jewish culture“? (JBooks)

-Yemenite silver filigree is a Jewish craft, going back thousands of years. It’s still being done in California. (J.)

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