Teshuva (from a Christian reader)

Since I can empathize with the desire to do theological housecleaning, I thought I’d post this email we just got from a Christian reader of MJL:

Good Afternoon. I’m working on some book research and today I came across the most foul and incriminating thing I’ve ever seen in my life, concerning persecution against the Jews. In the document called The Malleus Maleficarum, Chapter 3. This is the Catholic instruction book on persecuting “witches” and non-Christians. It states: “Besides, in the last Canon Law concerning Jews it says: His goods are to be confiscated, and he is to be condemned to death, because with perverse doctrine he opposed the Faith of Christ.” As a Christian I am appalled by this. I just want to say if any of you ever come across it, please do not construe this with Christian teaching because it is NOTHING of the sort. The true Christian knows that the Jews are the sons and daughters of Abraham and we honor you as such and we pray for the peace and victory of Israel. THAT is a true Christian. I beg your pardon for these other imposters.

I looked it up and the offending quote is in a section entitled “Who are the Fit and Proper Judges in the Trial of Witches?” — online here.

Wikipedia on The Malleus Maleficarum is here.

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