Jew York

Jewish life is seemingly apparent everywhere in New York City. From the numerous kosher restaurants, to those in Orthodox garb in the Diamond District, to the street signs. It’s also the home to the largest number of Jewish institutions–synagogues, communal organizations and JCCs in the country. It has a culture scene with Jewish rock and rap, hipster publications and trendy tee-shirts.

But sometimes, Judaism is simply the background for the everyday hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

In Midwood, Brooklyn, As the World Turns films in a neighborhood that is about 75% Orthodox. But many of those do not know what takes place inside the walls:

Inside the studio, a woman might be hanging from a bell tower by her fingernails, while in the streets outside, the most dramatic scene is the group of elderly people holding court in the kosher Dunkin’ Donuts. (MORE)

In a totally different part of town, the Lower East Side, observers have noted that Chickie Pig’s–a pizza place known for it’s ham and sausage pizza, is located in the building of an old chevra kadisha (burial society) on Ludlow. How did they know? Just read the sign on top of the restaurant. (MORE)

Even when you’re not looking for it, Judaism is everywhere in this town.

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