Jewish Learning

Haftarah for Bereshit

To complement the creation of the world, a promise of redemption.

Learning & Doing

The relationship and reconciliation of two Jewish values

Dvar Torah: Seven Approaches

Thinking of your d'var Torah as an example of a standard form can help you plan what to say.

Dvar Torah: Dos and Don’ts

Factor your audience's expectations and the limits of their patience into your presentation.

Dvar Torah: Preparation

How to prepare a Torah speech -- or d'var Torah -- if you're not a Torah scholar.

Studying Torah

How to Study Torah. Judaism and Torah Study. Jewish Learning. Torah Study.

Havruta: Learning in Pairs

A modern emphasis on peer-guided text study--an approach with ancient roots--reflects new social realities in the world of traditional Jewish learning.

Torah Study: Themes and Theology

Themes and Theology of Torah Study. Jewish Torah Study. Jewish Learning.