Jacob Lumbrozo

One of the first persons charged with blasphemy in the English colonies was a Jew.

Judah P. Benjamin, Confederacy’s Second-In-Command

The Jewish second-in-command of the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War was once a United States senator.

Language, Identity, and the Scandal of American Jewry

American Jews have forgotten their letters and words.

Jonathan Pollard

An American who spied for Israel.

American Jewish Theater

A history of Jewish theater in America.

Yiddish Theater in New York

A cultural phenomenon of Jewish America in the early 20th century.

Jewish Dance in America

Modern and postmodern concepts of individualism and female expression have challenged traditional Judaism--while creating new dance traditions.

Lillian Wald

Public health activist and champion of minority rights.

Ellis Island

A brief history of the place where so many Jewish immigrants entered the U.S.

Jewish Immigration from Eastern Europe

How the Jews changed America and America changed the Jews.