The Holocaust Quiz

The mass attempted genocide of Jews, Gypsies, and others by the Nazis.

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Qustion 1. About how many people were killed in the Holocaust?

1 million 6 million 11 million 20 million

Qustion 2. Which infamous Nazi criminal was caught in Argentina in 1961?

Joseph Mengele Adolf Hitler Adolf Eichmann Heinrich Himmler Eva Braun

Qustion 3. What was the Judenrat?

A term meaning "Jew-free" A derogatory term, referring to Jews as vermin A Jewish puppet government that ruled over each ghetto A council of prominent underground Jews dedicated to fighting the Nazis

Qustion 4. What was the effect of the British White Papers?

They issued a mandate to create the states of Israel and Palestine The entry of the United Kingdom into World War II The creation of a special force of British soldiers to sneak into concentration camps None of the above

Qustion 5. Which Jewish person escaped the Nazis, and then returned as an armed resistance fighter?

Oskar Schindler Hannah Senesh Raoul Wallenberg Golda Meir Dr. Ruth

Qustion 6. True or false: It was easy for Jews to leave Nazi-occupied countries.

True False

Qustion 7. Which type of gas was used in Nazi gas chambers to poison people?

Pure carbon dioxide Zyklon-B Bromide Chloroacetone MDMA

Qustion 8. What isi a term for non-Jews who helped save Jews during the Holocaust?

Partisans Righteous Persons Partisans The Judenrat

Qustion 9. Which country saved most of its Jewish population through its national resistance movement?

The Netherlands Denmark France Germany Poland

Qustion 10. Who was the notorious “Doctor of Death”?

Adolf Hitler Heinrich Himmler Josef Mengele Adolf Eichmann Joseph Goebbels
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