Kashrut/Dietary Laws Quiz

The rules of kashrut dictate which animals can be eaten, how to slaughter animals, and how to separate meat and dairy. How much do you know about the details of and reasons behind kashrut?

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Qustion 1. Which of the following animals is not kosher?

Deer Duck Emu Moose Giraffe

Qustion 2. True or false: If blood is found in a piece of meat or an egg, it is no longer kosher to eat.

True False

Qustion 3. Were Adam and Eve vegetarians?

Yes No

Qustion 4. What is NOT a requirement that animals must have in order to be considered kosher?

They must be herbivores They must chew their cud They must have a cloven hoof They must have fur

Qustion 5. What did Maimonides believe was the purpose of the strictures of kashrut?

To curb our appetites To bring us closer to God To put us in the Book of Life To make sure animal species do not become endangered

Qustion 6. How did some Jews in the Hellenistic world of late antiquity interpret the rules of kashrut?

As laws that must be strictly followed with the utmost precision As allegorical acts intended to teach universal philosophical truths As laws that were too hard to be followed strictly As a symbol of the covenant between God and the Jews

Qustion 7. In order to be considered kosher, what do fish have to have?

Fins Scales Gills A & B A & C

Qustion 8. What is the kashering method used for most foodware?

Freezing Boiling Immersing Blessing

Qustion 9. Which of these terms describes food that is neither meat nor dairy?

Hashgakhah Pareve Mehadrin Terefah

Qustion 10. What does the word "kosher" mean?

Blessed by a rabbi Healthy or energetic Fit or appropriate Righteous or just
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